Neo-Bolero. A Fusion of Cuban Sound, Rhythm and Groove. by Iván Acosta/ Latin Jazz USA

It is not surprising that Maria Bacardí,being a wonderfully expressive, provocative and feminine woman, is one of those exceptional singers of Bolero Feelin’, which composers of Cuban heart wrenching Old School Ballads would have dreamt of.

 In these select musical gems, revamped by the "Neo-Bolerista", the singer intuitively awakens a peculiar kind of emotion when she sings and whispers about love. 

Maria Bacardi had already sung Ballads and Boleros. However, never before had she devoted exclusively her interpretive force into an album with novel and avant-garde rhythms fused with bygone romantic compositions. The whole experience is led by magnificent accompaniments and exuberant vocals. In some tracks, Maria Bacardi has translated the original Spanish lyrics into original English versions. 

This exciting and unprecedented musical and vocal conception is generated by Maria Bacardi together with the singer, guitarist and director Maestro David Oquendo and the versatile Producer and Rapper, Edgar Gonzalez, who imbues these classical Boleros with his innovative musical vibrations. The three artists collaborated in the exhilarating production and arrangements of these revived musical gems. Nothing is more appropriate, in these times of revalorization of the genre of the Bolero, than the present creation, which Maria Bacardi calls the “NEO-BOLERO”.

 Given this memorable mix of intrepid and reinvigorated “Neo- Boleros” young and old will appreciate for themselves the varied nuances that our elder composers printed in that genre of Cuban popular music. The listener will emerge as the true winner. When listening to this exclusive album, entitled IT HURTS, instead of pain he and she will experience exquisite pleasure.